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Fascist Pig Lyrics - Suicidal Tendencies - Suicidal Tendencies

Tense atmosphere in the air 

Riot written everywhere 

Riot squads coming from over there 

Time to go home if you're square 

Riot squad, bash their heads 

Kick their ass until they're dead 

I want to be a fascist pig 

Love to fight, what a thrill 

We don't stop until we kill 

I want to be a fascist pig 

Throw a bottle in the air 

Put them up to their dare 

We'll just laugh while they stare 

Let them hit us, see if we care! 

Get attacked by them 

You'll never heal 

They'll rob your conscience 

Your sanity they'll steal 

They'll beat your brains until they spill 

That's the fascist favorite meal! 




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