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Suicidal Tendencies

Genres: Metal

Two Sides Politics Lyrics - Suicidal Tendencies

I'm not anti-society, society's anti-me 

I'm not anti-religion, religion is anti-me 

I'm not anti-tradition, tradition is anti-me 

I'm not anti-anything, I just wanna be free 

Fascist state, no freedom 

Unless you control yourself 

Use self expression, lose your freedom 

You're undesirable, you go straight to jail 

Kill someone, in a war 

Get a medal, you're a hero 

Protect yourself in every day war 

You're a minority you go straight to jail 

I'm not anti-Reagan, Reagan's anti-me 

I'm not anti-government, government's anti-me 

I'm not anti-politics, politics is anti-me 

I'm not anti-anything, I just wannna be free 

Innocent, never guilty 

High class lawyer, you are rich 

If you're poor must be guilty 

Even if innocent you go straight to jail 




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