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Controlled By Hatred / Feel Like Shit

Genres: Metal
Total songs: 5
Year: 1989

Waking The Dead Lyrics - Controlled By Hatred / Feel Like Shit - Suicidal Tendencies

Kept in the guard of Mother Nature's womb 

Resting in the safety of their tomb 

Sheltered by six feet of soil and rock 

The spade is the key with which their gate we'll unlock 

Why should they be resting so peacefully 

When we're up above in pure misery 

I don't care that they've already died 

That's not enough to make me satisfied 

So we wait till the stroke of the midnight hour 

Then we'll unleas the darkest of power 

Hell's gates will open a new judgment day 

Now is the time that the dead will pay 

Why should they be resting so peacefully 

When we're up above in pure misery 

I don't care that they've already died 

That's not enough to make me satisfied 

Waking the dead, waking the dead, waking the dead 

All rise! 

Hell's gates open the earth trembles and shakes 

Now their pardons are over they pray for their mistakes 

Mausoleums firebombed now rage in flames 

When the dead come out their bodies we'll maim 


Rob-Robbing their graves stealing their bones 

Bang-Banging our heads to their screams and their moans 

Fix-Fixing the wounds that even time cannot heal 

Soon-Soon we will know how good it feels 

This is not damnation or an act of God 

Now the dead they rise ripping through the sod 

Purgatory has to wait, but how can this be 

The dead are free-the dead are free! 


Waking the dead-you said that it wouldn't be 

Waking the dead-You said that we wouldn't see 

Waking the dead-Now the dead stand before our own eyes 

Silence is blaring the earth opens wide 

History repeats, reburied they die 

Darkness descends through nature's pores 

They return to their sleep on earth's basement floor 

Now they rest not so peacefully 

As they've had a taste of our misery 

I didn't care that they'd already died 

That wasn't enough to make me satisfied 

Return back to their tombs now they lay 

This is no game for the novice to play 

Repeat not a word lest ye be forewarned 

The punishment of Hell's darkness and scorn 

Repeat not a word of the sermon said 

A prayer for the dead, don't play with the dead 

Don't try to comprehend what's going on 

You can't understand, please don't understand 

Waking the dead-And we'll be 

Waking the dead-All rise now 

Waking the dead-We're gonna wake the dead 

Waking the dead 

I said the words what have I done 

I thought it cool, I thought it fun 

The words I say they start to change 

The syllables now rearranged 

A language I can't comprehend 

I shut my mouth it doesn't end 

The bowels of nature open wide 

I cannot move I cannot hide 

I can't believe the things I see 

The dead are free, the dead are free 

I close my eyes and pray it's not real 

Their presence close coldness I feel 

What have I done Lord please forgive 

Once they died, but now they live 

I wake the dead, I ake the dead, I wake the dead, I wake the dead! 

Cleanse the lepers 

Cast out the demons 

Wake the dead! 




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