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Talkshow Boy

Genres: Indie

Ice Police Lyrics - Talkshow Boy

Love is such an incredible thing 

It protects small kids when they're out in the open 

And the want to sing from the back of your throat 

When you smoke explode in a new kind of death 




It's hot in the sun 

Much hotter than it is 

In the shade 

That's fortified wine 

And pink lemonade 

Burn your books 

School is out 

For the summer 

Burn your books, blow your mind 

For the love of one another, it's hot 

Much cooler if you're sitting 

In the shade 

With a brand new book 

And a smooth crossfade 

Downplays, making minirevolutions 

In my mind 

Two decks, one mind 

And a little bit of hate 

For the humankind 


I was the polar bear and you were the eskimo 

I was the iceberg and you were an ice float 

I was the shipwrek and you were the Arctic 

I was Antarctic and you were 

The ice police