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Tamar Braxton

Genres: R&B

Empty Boxes Lyrics - Tamar Braxton

No, oh, oh 

No, no, no, no 

No, no, oh, no 


Empty boxes is all I ever get 

Just so grateful for the gifts, should've known by shaking it 

There was nothing there for me 

But to my surprise, as the ribbon hit the floor 

I just truly could not believe there was nothing underneath 

Don't know what I was looking for 

Empty boxes can be so pretty to the eye 

Could be much be lighter than you think 

It will knock you off your feet 

To know it was all a lie 




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You never know, when it goes so you better fight 

Let it go when you're wrong, so you better try 

Then you learn, you can't feel everything 


Empty boxes 

They're all over the floor 

I'll think of every little thing that you ever did to me 

I'll back it up and cry no more 

Please return to sender 

Because I no longer live here anymore 

You'll never find my new address and I pray you'll do your best 

To find a space for you to stay 


You never know, when it goes so you better fight 

Let it go when you're wrong, then you better try 

Then you learn that you can't feel everything 




So keep your empty boxes 

Your lying boxes 

Your cheating on me boxes 

I can't take no more 

I promise you boxes 

I'm in love with you boxes 

So empty, so empty, oh 

Everything you said to me, you don't mean 

So take your empty boxes 

Help me, I don't want it back 

Oh, take your empty box 

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