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Genres: Hip-Hop

Black Lives Matter Lyrics - Tamu

It's clear that black life didn't matter 

For those of you questioning why was he running away, well goddamn 

Because, you can stand there, surrender to the cops, and still be killed 

All Lives Matter 

Oh, yeah, they do 

Are they beatin you till you black and blue? 

Are they arrestin and harassin you? 

Do they pull you over while you in traffic too? 

Talk down to you and with attitude? 

He hate his job so he mad at you 

All Lives Matter 

That's what they stressin 

But are they shootin you while you runnin with no weapon? 

Hands on their guns while they approachin you (huh) 

Are your hands up and they still chokin you (muffled cries, huh) 

Did you get arrested for just smokin too (do you mind putting out your cigarette please) 

Found dead in your cell and they blamin it on you (I need to know) 

It's right or wrong, you got to pick a side 

They killin our kids while they playin outside (crazy) 

Man this is real, they takin our lives 

And they playin dirty, they don't got pride (uh uh) 

But you know I been to key 

Back in 99, when they took me 

June of 02, pigs pulled me over offa shelton avenue 

Said they stopped me cause one of my break lights blew 

On the late night actin like they already knew 

It was drugs in the car asked me get out the vehicle 

Mostly cause we fit the description shit is typical 

My skin resemble Egyptians we all imperial 

My melanin automatically makes me criminal 

A right to remain silent is something I can't do 

Put my hands on my head as I watched him pursue 

Illegal searches asking me why I'm nervous 

Reaching for his gun in his holster walkin closer 

Realizing murder was his only purpose (gunshots) 

Started screamin put down the weapon 

Guess he protectin his servant 

European America by killin indiginous people in the areas they consider urban to... it's urgent, it's urgent 

Today Sandy Speaks is going to focus directly on my white people 

White people, yes, black people know that all lives matter 

What I need you guys to understand is that being a black person in America is very, very hard 

Although you all love to say, 'Oh, nobody should see race. People are the reason that racism is still alive.' 

Well what kind of people are the reason? 

Black races have no power. 

Whereas white races do. 

They have power because they are in positions of control 

Or they are in positions where they can influence the control over black people 

Yes that is very true 

So to my friends who want to get on my videos and they're comp...they're upset about the picture that I posted 

Oh, well. I will not apologize for it 

Because at the moment 

Black Lives Matter 

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Artist: Yo Gotti

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