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Girls Can Tell Lyrics - Singles - The Crystals

Girls can tell if boys are true 

By the things they say and do 

And I can tell that you'll be true to me 


Don't you know it means so much 

When I feel your tender touch 

When you say that I look real fine 

When you put your hand in mine 

We will always be together 

Stay in love forever (girls can tell) 




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Girls can tell if things are right 

When they kiss a boy goodnight 

And I can tell that you're just right for me 


When its time for you to go 

Gee I always miss you so 

And I gotta kiss you one more time 

I gotta hear you say you're mine 

We will always be together 

Stay in love forever (girls can tell) 


Every day I love you more 

Than I did the day before 

Wish that I could make you see 

Just how much you mean to me 

Every time I look at you 

I just don't know what to do and 




My arms is gonna hold you tight 

I wanna see you everynight 

By the stars that shine above me 

I can say you love me girls can tell 

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