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The Faux

Genres: Electronic

9:14 Lyrics - The Faux

You look so good just sitting in the moonlight 

Wind in your hair as the waves crash on the shore 

There's no place I'd rather be anymore than this 


We talk for hours after the sun is gone 

After everyone has left this place and 

I just look at your face and I think 


Here I go again, here I go again here I go 


Go back to your place at 9:14 

sit in the kitchen converse from across the bench 

We're so close to your family 

but it feels like we're the only ones here 


It's the effect you have on me 



All I want to know Is if you go where I go when we 


All I want to show is how I feel 


Now that I know that what we have is real 

It's not FAUX no it's something I can feel 

And I know you feel it too 


Get back to my place it's 1:05 

I'm feeling something that I think that I'll call love 

I'm thinking of you again 


Here I go again, here I go again, here I go