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Worth Fighting For Lyrics - Singles - The Fearless Ones

Don't you come knocking upon my door 

unless you got something 

worth saying 

I'm tired of the babble 

that ship's already traveled 

it aint nothing that I havent heard before 


No use pretending 

that rules are made for bending 

just so you can get further ahead 


there's no persuading 

guess my minds already jaded 

I play these blues with a bleeding heart 


Some things matter 

Some things worth fighting for 

would you even dare to say 

that some things matter 

some things worth fighting for 

would you even dare to say 


No use explaining 

the system's always failing 

when you drive you end up in the same place 


Lies and deceit 

couple that with greed 

and you end up with that same look on your face 


Maybe all we need 

is a sharpened guillotine 

and a portrait of Louis XIV 


The Fools might stop their drooling 

robbing and looting 

and we can live in a world without greed 




You've got a lot of nerve 

you've been around this world 

and still you plead the same old case 


You'd think you'd know by now 

the world aint flat somewhow 

but you never cease to amaze 

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