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Guilty Fever Lyrics - The Gracious Few - The Gracious Few

I got a guilty fever feelin buzzed 

Thinking bout your love 

I got to see you babe for I think I might give up 

I wanna shake it, I wanna shake things up 

You know I want you baby, I wanna shake it up. 

You got your foreign kisses & sugar drips 

From the sweetness of your tongue 

You got me burning babe and I think I'm going numb 

You've got me shakin baby, you make me shake it up 

Oh I've gotta, I got to quit this quick you make me shake it up. 

I've got a guilty fever to much love 

Babe you got me high 

I couldn't quit you mama I feel im gonna die 

You make me crazy baby you got me so shook up 

Oh I've gotta, I gotta quit you baby you make me shake it up 

I gotta quit you baby you make me shake it up yeah. 

Oh I gotta get away 

I've got to lose your love baby yeah 

Oh you got me runnin crazy 

I got to get away yeah. 

Are you remember?

Sidste Vers

Artist: Nortt

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