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The Marshall Tucker Band

Genres: Rock

Face Down In The Blues Lyrics - The Marshall Tucker Band

Face Down In The Blues by: Marshall Tucker Band. Intro... 

I wake up every morning with the dew on my faceBeen down so long now without a trace I shuffle through the streets, alone 

It's too late for me, I'm face down in the blues 

I put bread in my belly,just to stay alive Markin' everything for a dollar ninety-nine 

Oh why New York City you so mean 

Now I'm drownin' in it, face down in the blues 


...Guitar Interlude with Wah-Wah... 

...Guitar Interlude with heavy B3 support and Gtr Blues overdrive... 


Twist the cap, Let it flow 

Hey babe, smooth red glow I know what's you're thinkin' 

Ah, it just ain't right 

But it's the only way..., I can sleep tonight 


Well I'm face down,Face down in the blues 

Well I'm face down,Face down in the blues 

Got all the floor I can use, 

Face down in the blues. 




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Guitar & out... 



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