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Fly Like An Eagle Lyrics - Carolina Dreams - The Marshall Tucker Band

I'm gonna take me a ride on a riverboat 

Down to New Orleans 

Gotta pocket full o'money and a liquor bottle 

Gonna drink away my dreams 


Don't really wanna leave 

Sure I can't stay 

I'm gonna get on that riverboat 

And gamble my life away 


Makes me fly like an eagle 

Higher and higher every day 

Cause in my mind and in my dreams 

I can't get her away 




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Gonna sit down at the poker table 

Five card stud's my game 

Gonna try and forget that crazy woman 

Gonna try and forget her name 




I don't know how I'll make it 

But I'll forget her some way 

This is the time and the only time 

She ain't gonna get away 




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