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The Motet

Genres: Rock

Back It Up Lyrics - The Motet

You know we got the sho fire love that's made to last 

But in this age of cra-ziness things move so fast 

When we're messing around, we forget about tried and true 

Fallin away, in the day to day, from loving you 


You just Slow it Down 

And take a little time to see 

The next Go-A-Round 

You'll get your head up off that screen 

There ain't no Stress or Need 

To be ANYbody else but you 

We're the Kings and Queens 

But we gotta be present to rule 


Back... It Up -- Taking the time to love 


There ain't no thing that we can't swing 

Get knocked down, we get up and sing 

Gotta take a little time to remind us about the truth