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The Motet

Genres: Rock

Damn! Lyrics - The Motet

This one goes out to all my fly, free, family 

You know the ones who ain't afraid 

To let their skeletons dance in the middle 

And put their truth on parade 


The negativity we keep at a distance 

We are a magnet for the light 

If you're low let us give you assistance 

Because we're here to take you high! 


DAMN! Get Down 

You'll never get high, won't touch the sky if your feet don't leave the ground 


SAY WHAT!? Get Down 

1. Get off of yo seat and shake that thang around 

2. Gotta shake that thang you hear the sound 


It ain't no secret that the spirit's getting so(ul)full 

And it sure ain't no surprise 

When each and every hand is high and hopeful 

It brings us closer to the sky 


So let your freak flag fly, to yourself be true 

Love your friend, love your enemy, you better show gratitude 

Do you want it (YEA!!!) Then own it (YEA!!!) 

Open your heart wide (HELL YEA!!!) 

Take a sip of liberation, and let you freak go wild 


You got swagger 

You got class 

You got everything so let me see you shake that ass 


You're a boss 

You ain't no sucka 

It's gettin way too stankin funky in this mutha (whaa?!)