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Too Much Lyrics - Singles - The Reunion Show

Maybe i should have more patience 

A paradox posing as a problem 

A wash in this sea of nonsense 

Spun around and right back again 

I want too much 

I tell you 

I want too much 

Complicate you 

I want too much 

Rearrange you 

Everyday the sun shines brighter 

everywhere time keeps dividing 

Tell me when can I go to a park and ride around 

With my dream girl 

All work no play 

Nothing to say 

Sooner or later 

Can it be true the words that you tell? 

Take it or leave 

Time goes by 

Not getting any younger 

Whine, whine, whine... 

Maybe I should log my feeling 

Take a pill and swallow this conscience 

But this robot has his grip and he might never change 

I want too much 


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Artist: Dillards