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The Wandering Songstress Lyrics - The Classics - The Shanghai Restoration Project

Tian ya ya hai jiao, mi ya mi zhi yin 

Xiao mei mei chang ge lang zou qin 

Lang ya, zen men liang shi yi tiao xin. 

. ai ya, ai ya, lang ya zen men liang shi yi tiao xin 


Jia shan ya bei wang, lei ya lei chan jin 

Xiao mei mei xiang lang zhi dao jin 

Lang ya, huan nan zhi jiao en ai shen. 

. ai ya, ai ya, lang ya, huan nan zhi jiao en ai shen 


Ren shang ya shei bu, xi ya xi qing chun 

Xiao mei mei si xian lang si zen 

Lang ya, chuan zai yi qi bu li fen. 

. ai ya, ai ya, lang ya, chaun zai yi qi bu li fen 




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