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Crazy Lyrics - Thouxanbanfauni











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It's so funny how you hate me 

It's so funny how you hate me 

I looked up to you, and all you pussy niggas say you raised me 

I done fucked you bitches, now you bitches wan' have my babies 

I can afford to be lazy 

And so my hoes think I'm crazy 

But it's cool I think she crazy 

And I love her cause she crazy 

And that pussy hit so good goddamn I call that pussy crazy 

Nigga like me out here, brazy 

Nigga like me goin' brazy 

Nigga like me out here never see a drought I can't be lazy 

All these nigga say they get it to they grave, they just be gravy 

All these nigga say they smoke that gas boy yo vision look hazy 

I can't even be like none of these fuck ass niggas out here nazin' 

I can't even be these dull ass niggas I gotta be blazin' 

None of you niggas, Fauni Figeuroa, yeah he be out blazin' 

All them plays, all these bitches, all them wheels I just be blazin' 

Yeah that burnin', burnin', bitch I burn that rubber 

Yeah I fuck yo hoe so hard, I done burned the rubber 

I done skirt off, from the vrmm, and them tires turn to flubber 

All a nigga be countin' is some blues and greens like Flubber 

And a nigga never gave a fuck about a trucker 

Ice road trucker, neck so cold no ice road trucker 

I done got these hoes to fuck with me but I can't never love her 

I done got these hoes to fuck with me but I can't never love her 

And these bitches, damn she bad, ass so fat, not no rubber 

And these bitches, so damn bad, ass so fat ain't use no rubber 

It's a shame, it's a game 

All these niggas, they so lame 

Stay in yo lane, It's a shame 

How these niggas gon' complain 

Ain't doin' shit, just depend on a nigga who doin' that shit 

When a nigga doin' all this shit, you niggas don't even do no shit 

I just wanna hit a couple, thousand bands, or a lic 

Maybe mil' off a brick 

But I don't need to whip no bricks 

If I see a fuck nigga, walkin', talkin' like he shit 

Talkin' like he the shit, I'm gon' have to hit that lic 

I could give a fuck about a lil' bitch, that pussy get lit 

I'm gon' fuck that bitch, Ima hit that bitch 

Walk away then I'm gon' quit 

When it come to fuckin' guaps 

When it come to hittin' lics 

When it come to kickin' shit 

You know I'm gon' keep a stick 

I can't even be no pussy, like you niggas, not no bitch 

All you niggas just some hoes, ya'll be talkin' like my bitch 

And my bitch don't even talk like you, my bitch talk real shit 

My hoe talk real shit, why the fuck you think you my bitch 

I can't be like none of these niggas 

I can't be like none of these hoes 

I can't even say I won't pull the trigger, if it goes 

These niggas say they on, but these niggas ain't on go 

And they on, but I'm on go 

So they know, I get them rolls 

I get bands, I get commas, I get bitches wanna top us 

I get hoes to do they dance, Ion tip she dance that poll 


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