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Tory Lanez

Genres: Hip-Hop

Magnolia (freestyle) Lyrics - Tory Lanez


Why yes, fuck you too 

What up, world? 

You know that shit the diamonds was on palm bay I meant they was dancin' under the dawg like 

In New York I Milly Rock 

Got it in my sock 

Fifty off the wall 

And I press rerock 

Got it in my soul 

Got a lil' thot 

That's a lil boat, boy, that's a lil' yacht 

Nah, I'm just playing, let me get this shit for real tho 




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I get money, money, money motherfucker like I'm Jordan 

It's the nigga flyin' foreign, make your bitches not important 

Milly rockin' through the city pop a pity by the garden 

Know you niggas can't afford it 

And these bitches can't ignore me 

I did shit like dory, I'm with some white shorty 

And the bitch is like forty, she singing Mike Shorey 

In the port loose ridin' out the Porsche coupe glidin' 

If you try me nigga I be off the Porsche through slidin' 

It's just me and lil' Aggy, Portuguese lil' baddie 

Pourin' drink off in the soda, puttin' weed off in the baggy 

I be off in the caddie with a freak that's off a addy 

Tryin' fuck me to the beat is like the beat is off badly 

Fleeing off to Cali, I'll be back in the morning 

Them boys diss me in the night 

I get 'em clapped by the morning 

Got the money clubbin' on the dollar stackin' and joinin' 

In the back of this foreign, I keep a cool bitch with me 

This never slackin' or borin', never lackin' I'm blowin' 

And any niggas try and hoe us, we feel the world owe us 

I bet your girl know us, what the man Riley 

Two bad bitches like Kendall and Kylie 

Let your man try me be another man dying 

I'ma young sergeant, oh and by the way 

I just beat my gun charges, Lawyer like a maid 

And just sweep the dumb charges 

Shout out Jim Lewis I won't keep you bombarded 

But we some young bosses 

Can't nobody ever try to do it like we do 

Playboi like Carti I want fuck Carti B too 

One day if I slide in that DM what it lead to? 

Puttin' in position like we in a magazine shoot 

Nigga I'm the man ten bitches magnolia 

Shout out to the fans, African and Angolia 

Throw the damn Rollie up, throw the damn Rollie up 

Rollie so heavy that the bitches can't hold it up 

Score so much they gotta throw a damn goalie up 

Niggas say they know but they don't know enough 

You know it's us 

Shawty wanna fuck me for Chanel, she a coconut 

Skurtin' through the parkin' lot with doughnuts in the car clutch 

All thirty of us, twenty-six bitches, four sluts 

All of us going up, the bank account's growin' up 

Shawty threw the pussy had me tore it up 

Now the only way to get it back she gotta sew it up 

Yeah in New York I Milly rock, I'm on any block 

Hit that bitch on Betty block 

Gave this dick to twenty thots 

Got it in my sock, forty on the wop 

Thirty clip inside a extendo on the Glock ooh 



We just getting started 

Nothing gon' be safe 

I'm hopping on everything, body niggas 

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