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Genres: Rock

Treasure (whatever Happened To Pete The Chop) Lyrics - U2

I like to smile but I like to mostly stay with you 

I like good times but I can't feel this without you 

By my song the heart is in the place 

I sing this song probably so 


If I could sigh, I'd tell the world, I'd felt with you 

I like the time, I like the feeling when 

I feel you in my arms, I'll take you in my hand 

I'll let you go, somebody save me, somebody save me 


Sing it, sing my, sing my song 

We sing the same old song loud 


Smile though your heart breaks in two 

Touch me when will I be with you 

I like good times but I can feel it's going wrong 

You sing the same old song, now I think, it's time to get it right 


Sing it out, sing out 

Sing this same old song 




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If I could swim, I'd swim in circles 

If I could drown, I'd, I'd drown with you 

If I had enough of my life 

I can't tell if I had enough of you 




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