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Artist: Vagabond
Total songs: 3

Sweat (until The Morning) Lyrics - Singles - Vagabond

You give smiles and we get down 

I have longed to be you lover 

And you know it 

I never knew what I was in for 


I belong to you tonight 

The world is not around 

You picked up for love 

Oh don't roll me too tight 

It goes smooth with the shiraz 


Sweat until the morning 

But you know I'll take off 

Later in the day 

Leave your skin so soft 

Sweat until the morning 

Sticking by my word 

Swearing I wont ever come back 

Unless you ask me, babe 


All the candles burning slow at night 

You come closer what a sight 

You don't say my name 

Keeping silent you take off with me 

Leaving earth so quietly 

I am yours to tame 


Anytime you want to come closer, star 

Everytime you breathe, I breathe with you 

I can bring myself to where you are 

Yes I said I'm in 

All the 


Sweat until... 


Away from the distant light 

We dance for starry skies 

We wait till we hear the morning 

And that is when we fly 


Sweat until... 

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Copyright: Atv Music Publishing Llc, Warner, Chappell Music, Inc., Sony

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