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Artist: Valerie Dore
Total songs: 3

List songs in album

  1. Lancelot
  2. The Night
  3. Get Closer

The Night Lyrics - Singles - Valerie Dore

So many things we have 

Why don't you stay with me tonight? 

I'm trying to discover you 

Together again for all the night. 


There's something going on right now 

Feelin' happy 

Feel the moon. 

Let's get closer 



'Cause we're dance and dance. 

All my friends are talking to me 

What's this love I see. 


I know you can make it right. I'm still waiting now 

Waiting for the love I need. 

If you want me too there's something don't understand. 

I don't know. 




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So many things we have 

Why don't you stay with me tonight?... 



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