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Workin' Woman Blues Lyrics - Pushin' Against A Stone - Valerie June

I ain't fit to be no mother 

I ain't fit to be no wife yet 

I been workin' like a man, y'all 

I been workin' all my life yeah 


Ain't no dinner on the table 

Ain't no food in the 'fridgerator 

I'm going to work and I'll be back later 

I'm going to work, said I'll be back later 

I've been workin' like a man 

I've been workin' all my life, yeah 

All my life, oh 

All my my life, yeah 


Lord, you know I'm good-egg woman 

Lord, know I'm a good looking girl, man 

If you want to, give me something 

Anything in this great big world, well 




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Lord you know that I am ready 

For my sugar, my sugar daddy 

Lord you know, I am ready 

For my sugar, my sugar daddy 




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