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Van Der Graaf Generator

Genres: Rock

A Plague Of Lighthouse-keepers:(vii) (custard's) Last Stand Lyrics - Van Der Graaf Generator

( Hammill ) 


Lighthouses might house the key 

but can I reach the door? 

I want to walk on the sea 

so that I may better find a shore... 

but how can I ever keep my feet dry? 

I scan the horizon 

I must keep my eyes on 

all parts of me. 


Looking back on the years 

it seems that I have lost my way; 

like a dog in the night, I have run to a manger; 

now I am the stranger I stay in...ah, well. 

All of the grief I have seen 

leaves me chasing solitary peace 

but I hold experience in my head 

I'm too close to the light 

I don't think I see right 

for I blind me... 

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