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Cat's Eye / Yellow Fever (running) Lyrics - The Quiet Zone/the Pleasure Dome - Van Der Graaf Generator

I was walking in the evening, I was 

looking for something good, clean, fine, 

pure, straight, but instead I found 

the bunker wall and gate. 


It was open: I was free. I gave a 

token guarantee; though I later knew I 

had promised more, with an I.O.U. 

I could scarcely score my way... Oh! But I herald Apocalypse anyway! 

I was a prime believer in the faith 

of 'I': yellow fever in the cat's eye. 


And it's everything you 

want, own,love, hate, touch, dream, 

trust; and it's everything you need. 


I got a heart like a rochet, I 

was out of control, I'd cleaned out 

my pockets for some luck to show... 

really looking like a hopeless case, 

I found it in my hand, it was 

the Angry Ace. He wants to talk to 

me, one on one, he wants to give 

me his professional opinion...but 

I'm running; I just can't wait, 

I haven't got a moment to anticipate; 

yes, I'm running, I just can't stop, 

I've got to get to the bottom just to 

get to the top, I've got the dark 

alleys and the open skies, I got 

the yellow fever from the cat's eye. 


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