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Van Der Graaf Generator

Genres: Rock

Medley, Parts Of:(i) A Plague Of Lighthouse Keepers Lyrics - Van Der Graaf Generator

(i) Eyewitness 


( Hammill ) 


Still waiting for my saviour, storms tear me limb from limb 

my fingers feel like seaweed, I'm so far out I'm too far in. 


On the table lies blank paper / and my tower is built on stone / 

I only have blunt scissors / I only have the bluntest home. 

I've been the witness, and the seal of death 

lingers in the molten wax that is my head. 


I prophesy disaster and then I count the cost 

I shine, but shining, dying, I know that I am almost lost. 


(iii) Eyewitness 


( Hammill ) 


No time now for contrition; the time for that's long past 

The walls are thin as tissue and if I talk I'll crack the glass 

So I only think on how it might have been 

locked in silent monologue, in silent scream. 


I'm much too tired to speak 

and as the waves crash on the bleak 

stones of the tower I start to freak 

...and find that I am overcome... 


(viii) The Clot Thickens 


( Hammill - Band ) 


Where is the god that guides my hand? 

How can the hands of others reach me? 

When will I find what I grope for? 

Who is going to teach me? 


I am me / me are we / we can't see 

any way out of here 

Crashing sea / atrophied / history:- 

Chance has lost my Guinevere. 

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