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Van Der Graaf Generator

Genres: Rock

Medley, Parts Of: (ii) The Sleepwalkers Lyrics - Van Der Graaf Generator



Tonight, before you lay down to the sweetness of your sleep 

do you question your surrender to the drop from Lover's Leap 

or does the anaesthetic darkness take hold on its very own? 

Does your body rise in service with not one dissenting groan? 

These waking dreams of life and death 

in the mirror are twisted and buckled, 

lashes flicker, a catch of breath, 

skin whitening at the knuckles. 

The army of sleepwalkers shake their limbs and are loose 

and though I am a talker, I can phrase no excuse 

not to rise again. 

In the chorus of the night-time I belong 

and I, like you, must dance to that moonlight song 

and in the end I too must pay the cost of this life. 

If all is lost none is known 

and how could we lose what we've never owned? 

Oh, I'd search out every knowledge that I could find, 

unravel all the mysteries of mind, 

if I only had time, 

if I only had time, 

but soon my time is ended... ended, soon my time is ended. 

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