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Van Der Graaf Generator

Genres: Rock

The Boat Of Millions Of Years Lyrics - Van Der Graaf Generator

Horus the Good lived in the North 

In lands of fertility and beauty 

But Set stayed in the hard desert 

To him belonged all drought and perversity 


And he sheds his tears 

Beneath the Boat of Millions of years 

And he fights to kill the hawk 

Bearing with him evil and darkness 

But Horus lives with the sun 


Forever the battle rages 

Evil tries to kill the innocent baby 

And only Osiris, the Lord of the Dead 

Can eventually save it 


So we must cast aside our future fears 

And call out on the Boat of Millions of years 

The God of Love is on our side 

And with him we shall not die 


There's life in the Sun 

There's life in the Sun 

Only in violence is the cause lost 

In peace, gray, Set can't kill our baby of love 


Can't kill our baby of love 


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