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The Final Word Lyrics - The Wild Mercury - Vandaveer

Oh, Josephine 

When you were queen 

Where did that leave you and me 

Where you threw me to the hungry, hungry lions 

Like Bonarparte 

I was bonafide 

I knew how to pick a fight 

But I could not 

Hold the line when you denied me 

Time after time 

You cast a wicked spell on me 

You called it love, I called it devilry 

You had a lot of nerve 

A lot of gall and nerve 

You deserve to be first 

In the line up to the guillotine 

To lose your head for my duress 


Oh, Caroline 

You were mine 

But I never made the time 

We could've made it 

But we never made it happen 

Honey, tragedy's 

Come in rings 

Scribbled down so we can read 

And pretend 

It isn't we who lie there dying 

On the page 

I cast a wicked spell on you 

You called it love but it was hardly true 

I had a lot of nerve 

A lot of gall and nerve 

I deserve to be wrung 

By the neck beneath the blade 

To lose my head for your duress 


Oh, Anabelle 

I might as well 

Come clean and dispel 

All the tell tales 

I told when we were courting 

You do the same 

And we'll remain 

Lovers in love, not just in name 

We can make it 

If we really make it matter 

Oh, my love 

We cast a wicked spell or two 

Your best for me 

I saved my last for you 

It takes a lot of nerve 

A lot of gall and nerve 

Oh, to love 

To be loved 

Let love be the final word 

To let love be the final word