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Vision 15teen: Monster Lyrics - Chronicles Of The Immortals: Netherworld, Pt. 2 - Vanden Plas

there's something i need to know 

show me the source of my soul 

the devils mirror from another universe 

can prove the innocence within all mankind's soul 

so tell me what i need to know 


are you a monster - are you a saint - 

some kind of vampyre 

monster - monster 

please mirror tell me a lie 

you will have no second try 


my only hope that you're not telling me the truth 

or all will end up in tears 

the devil's hungry and he want to let it end 

he's waiting to suck out my soul right here 

are you a monster - are you a saint - 


some kind of vampyre 

monster - monster - monster 

monster - monster - monster 

there's a fleck on my soul and it forces me to lie 


something's inside of me that i cannot deny 

i'm not pure in my heart but there is something i know 

i'm trespassing the netherworlds just to find love 

my true love and my son i once buried alive 

any price i would pay 


to meet you - to met you again 

i am a monster - i'm not a saint 

some kind of vampyre 

monster - monster 


in the subfloors of my soul 

are no lies nor cheat nor fraud 

monster - monster - 

monster - monster