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You Fly Lyrics - Singles - Vanden Plas

Music: S.Lill 

Lyrics: A.Kuntz 

On that day you went away 

there was so much left to say 

words disappeared and faded without a trace 



field of dreams 

seer of entire 

to your limitation of being 

protecting your seed in a time and a land full of scars out of war 

you fly 

just to see how all began 

to innocence 

the reason for it all 

you hold me 

and you hurt me 

and you can catch the light that shines on me 

sometimes when I sleep 

I try to heal your wounds within my dreams 

my life is younger than your eyes have never seen the sun again 

but they can tell so many common stories 

until the light failed him 

and you fly 

to the seal of our love 

to hold the pages painted there above 

and you fly 

just to see what I've become 

improve the circle 

the reason for it all