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Fighting Against The World Lyrics - Alibi - Vandenberg

I don't agree with the way some people make all the rules, control society 

No rules for me, I wanna live my life the way I want, no one's controlling me 

They say I'm wrong, I know I'm right 

I make my own rules and fight (I'm gonna make my own rules and fight) 


I'm fighting against the world, my back against the wall 

That's the way I'm gonna fall 

I've got my dreams, yeah, done what I wanna do in my life 

What I want to achieve 

Sometimes it seems, everytime I make a move 

Someone gets in my way, takes the lead, oh 

I'll get what I want, I'll make a stand 

I'm gonna fight 'til the end (gonna fight until the very end) 


I've got a long way to travel, before I reach the place where I wanna be 

Sooner or later I'll get there, I'll have my way 

Don't stop me now, you might get in trouble, you see 


(Fighting against the world) 

One thing I know, I walk the right way, for me, there is only one way to go 

All the time it shows, there are so many things in my life 

That are worth fighting for, yeah 

I know I've got one foot in the door, I'm gonna be pushing for more 

(I'm gonna push back at you for more) 


I'm fighting against the world, my back against the wall 





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