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Artist: Vanderveen
Total songs: 4

Weekend Full Of Weekends Lyrics - Singles - Vanderveen

Now this I've said a couple times 

Your hair is in my ears and eyes 

And I haven't got the steps 

To dance with you 


Remember i'm the freezing man, 

My cufflinks rash your wrists and hands 

And my feet are like two swords against your shoes 


Forget the dance I'd sooner crawl, 

You've chilled me with your talk and all, 

Colder is the day I dance with you 


Now move along, this topic's closed 

And hurry while your drink is cold 

I've got a million things I gotta do 


(Pre chorus) 

Gonna wake up and radiate 

She's the woman you love to hate 

Call her up from a distant New York 

She'll wait here 



I've got a weekend full of weekends 

I'm gonna spend them by myself 

I've got a Tuesday full of Mondays, 

I feel I've done them well 

Let the evening scratch the morning 

I feel naked from waist down 

I've got a weekend full of weekends 

I might not make it out 


Now since I've earned this state of mind 

And you stress your best plies in time 

I won't search for words that speak to you 


I'm tired of the "How 'ya been's" 

And "Hope that we can meet again's" 

These will be my last words to you 


(Pre chorus) 




I've followed what I should have followed Years before but never bothered 

I was just a breath in search Of air so life could see me, Take me, and show me i'm alive ... 


(Pre chorus)