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Yung Lean

Genres: Rock

It G Ma (잊지마) "the Lost Verse" Lyrics - Yung Lean

[Hook: Keith Ape] 

잊지 마 

Underwater squad 

여전히 몸엔 camo 

Orca ninjas go rambo 

잊지 마 

Underwater squad 

여전히 몸엔 camo 

Orca ninjas go rambo 




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[Verse: Yung Lean] 

Oh my god, I'm selfish 

I can't help it, made myself rich 

Smoking green just like the Celtics 

In Miami, yellow earrings 

Yeah, we started all these trends 

With the same clique, no new friends 

Underwater ship 

Shipping boxes, making flip 

Pink diamonds on my wrist 

Sadboys we in this bitch 

Need a double cup, my hand 

Popping pills like Scooby-snacks 

Seeing colors, Applejacks 

Please, I can't excuse my being 

SBE rolling of a bean 

Gucci, Louis on my team 

They knew we were a problem 

They knew not to fuck with Lean 



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