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Beneath The Moon Lyrics - Singles - Ari Herstand

My sheets are tangled 

around my legs inside my room 

I twist my angle 

to free my thoughts and lose this tune 

thats been tugging from that night I left 

my necktie in your room 

thats been humming in the air each night 

I lay awake 

beneath the moon 


A different battle 

Every night a tangle war 

My thoughts are shadows 

darkened by your light with more 

sleepless nights staring at the moon 

The same light that once lit the hammock 

where we first kissed that June 

beneath the moon 


If you could feel the loss that has been blinding me 

You wouldnt be so quick to make me lose my sleep 

But you dont help me hold onto that night 

I lost my sight 

beneath the moon 


I bought a new necktie 

the first since I lost the last for good 

I made it a black tie 

This wont stain like the last one could