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11:11 Lyrics - High Noon - Arkells

You were all done up, 

But it wasn't for me. 

You were up at the front 

To tap on your feet 

I was back at the bar 

You had your eyes on the stage 

You had an "X" on your hand 

To tell them your age. 


I didn't put my money on it 

But I was 

Hoping that you would be here 

If I was something that you ever wanted 

Then I'm all ears 




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You made a wish at 11: 11 

I held your hips at 12: 34 

There was a kiss just waiting to happen 

A cab was calling outside the door 


Oh, I knew from the beginning 

Oh, it was you from the beginning 


Excuse the disguise 

Or the ones before 

I've been convincing myself 

There could be something more 

I said, "If you go home 

And you get on the phone, 

And you tell your girlfriends about me 

I'll go home 

And I'll sleep on my own, 

And dream of a girl named Lonnie." 




Those others couldn't hold a candle to ya 

But you were glowing in the dark 

I was nervous just standing with you 

You were glowing in the dark 


And you weren't even trying 

Your dirty blonde hair 

Had me going wild 

You were a little bit shy then 

There's no denying something so true 

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