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Never Thought That This Would Happen Lyrics - High Noon - Arkells

Beating the drum all night, 

Dancing naked 'round a fire, 

Leaving trouble behind, 

Swimming in the water. 


We found the tent 

With the flashlight. 

We were looking for a hideout. 

When you're praying for no strings, 

Sometimes you get tied down. 


And I 

Never thought that this would happen. 

And you 

Got all weird after the weekend. 


You make out with an old friend. 

And I'm 

Rounding first, sliding into second. 




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She could never hold her tongue much, 

And when I bit her lip hard, 

Expecting some review like, 

"Two out of five stars." 


But in a moment, she revealed that 

She was no different. 

We were just kids: 

Nervous, breathing, 

Showing some forgiveness. 


And if you don't know, 

Then I don't know 

How these things go. 


In your 

Wooly socks and 


What will they say about us? 

At the hour of the evening, 

The night will carry on without us. 




But if we had to play one card 

And say we both blacked out, 

And my friends seem to trust this -- 

They believe this silly kind of cop-out. 


All I wanna say... 

All I wanna do... 


What am I to do? 

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