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Asteroid Dominion Lyrics - Singles - Armageddon

we are all in a state of mourning 

grieving the ones who did not survive 

we perform a ceremony for dead 

as their caskets float away into space 

but we know we've got to keep going 

pushing forward into dark universe 

on a mission to rescue our race 

secure the future of our kind 


asteroid dominion 

the star or our fantasies and dreams 

asteroid dominion 

shining so bright 

asteroid dominion 


evrything is a circle constantly moving ahead 

somewhere out there we will find our own utopia 

a new for future generations 

legends in our own lifetime 

a fresh start without degeneration 

a brave new world 


unto a land flowing with milk and honey 

beyond the known universe 

in a hidden galaxy, a sacred sanctum for you and me 

i'm praying for a peaceful existence 

as unlikely as that may seem 

tell me what good is man... without his dreams? 

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