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I've Underestimated My Charms Lyrics - Partie Traumatic - Black Kids

Like many a Mael, 

I get angst in my pants. 

And goddamn it to hell, 

It don't help if I dance. 


And you, you're not doing too well. 

All the blogs are about you, girl. 

They caught you in the park after dark 

Giving head to a statue, girl. 

Oh, cruel! 


[Chorus: x2] 

Didn't mean to do you no harm, 

I just underestimated my charm. 

And if I ever bother to tell you the truth, 

Oh, baby, you're too much sugar 

For my sweet tooth. 




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You're on your honeymoon 

And you're sending me notes. 

You hope to see me soon. 

You've got "see" wrapped 

In quotes. 

I used to find it funny to say, 

"What's your man got to do with me?" 

But then I saw him downtown 

Placing bets on the hounds. 

He was as big as a house! 

We can't be messin' around! 


[Chorus: x2] 




Every time we kiss 

It's like an inside joke 

I always miss. 

Our love is like a tug-of-war. 

Don't touch me, girl, 

I can't hug no more! 

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