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Partie Traumatic Lyrics - Partie Traumatic - Black Kids

Hugs and kisses from the girls and the boys, 

We get it automatic 


This jungle is massive, 

So please don't be so passive, 

Be aggressive, 


And they will get the message, 

Yet your mother, he had it, 

Boy runs it's automatic, 

Yet it's magic, and tragic, 

Oh it's partie traumatic, do it! 




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This planet, is frantic 

It's not our demographic, 

We are stepping, galactic, 

And just a bit satanic, 

Yes your mother, she hacked it 

Boy runs it's automatic, 

Yes it's magic, death magic, 

Oh it is partie traumatic, do it! 


Hugs and kisses from the girls and the boys, (?) 

Live like champs but we're unemployed 

Stay the night you can have some grits, 

I'll show you how to write this song, this tip 




Alright, alright, 

Alright, alright, 

Alright, alright, 

Alright, alright 

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