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The Only Living Boy In New Cross Lyrics - Hello, Good Evening, Welcome. And Goodbye: Live At Maida Vale - Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine

Hello, good evening and welcome 

to nothing much 

A no holds barred half -nelson 

and the loving touch 

The comfort and the joy 

of feeling lost 

With the only living boy in New Cross 


Fill another suitcase 

with another hall 

Of hotel towels and toothpaste 

and the bathroom wall 

Then wipe the lipstick hearts and flowers 

from the glass and chrome 

Take five or six hot showers 

and come on home 

To the comfort and the joy 

of feeling lost 

With the only living boy in New Cross 


I've teamed up with the hippies now 

I've got my fringe unfurled 

I want to give peace, love and kisses out 

to this whole stinking world 

The gypsies, the travelers and the thieves 

The good, the bad, the average and unique 

The grebos the crusties and the Goths 

And the only living boy in New Cross 


Eyes down and I'll keep you up to date 

Two fat ladies in 1988 

The safe sixteen lovers who lied 

Purley's queen and mother makes five 

Butchered bakers, deaf and dumb waiters 

Marble Arch criminals and clause 28'ers 

Authers, authors, plastered outcasts 

Locked up daughter, rock and roll stars 

Goodbye Rudy, David and Rosie 

Abraham and Julianne 

and everyone that knows me 

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Copyright: Universal Music Publishing Group

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