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Fuck Everything Lyrics - La Liberación - Css

How many beers can you drink 

Until your breath 

Starts to stink? 


I'm so high 

I wanna pump it up 

I'm gonna dance all night 

Even if the music sucks 


You know when you feel deep in the shit 

Luck hit the road left me begging in the streets 

All the cards I hold are 3's or 4's 


And what I'm actually doing is less than I could 

Have asked for. 

I put my game-face on and try to 

Get turned on but nothing ever happens in this 



I wanna rip my eyes off 

And scream!... bitch please! 


I'm so high 

I'm gonna pump it up. I'm gonna dance all night. 

Even if the music sucks. 


I got a p.h.d in a.d.d. 

I own a broken car and a pencil 

You know what? let me be that lazy pig I'm gonna 

Try to talk you won't try to undestand... so what up?! 

Anyway... puf puf coff coff you're the new kid in the 



And I still wann rip my eyes off 

And scream... fuck everything! 


Hanging with your friends... fuck everything! 


Kickin' garbage cans... fuck everything! 


Hangin' with the homies... fuck everything! 


Eatin' pizza provolone... fuck everything! 


I'm so high. I'm gonna pump it up. 

I'm gonna dance all thing. 


Even if the music