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Red Alert Lyrics - La Liberación - Css

I'm all dressed up with nowhere to go 

Feelin' the rhythm of casual love 

I've always been such an anxious girl 

Hurrying it up trying to rule the world 


Meet me in the desert. I wanna speak your tongue 

Are you too dangerous? You put my body on red alert 


Uh! Suddenly it's so hot! I look at you and I'm in shock! 

Maybe less oxygen in the air. Suddenly I'm out of breath (ah! ah!) 

I've never seen such a prettier thing 

You're welcome to come and welcome to stay in 

You make me think I have a dangerous mind 

You've turned me into the wild kind 

Are you the medicine to heal my half-ends? Omg I feel so much pain 

I'm a straight-forward-young-woman... Aka I play no mind games 

What I want, I'll let you know... Tell me where you want me 

And I'm ready to go. I don't want to figure nothing out... 

I'm here... you're here... 


Everyone knows we're not friends but they all can tell we're a tight 

Wolf pack. I'm not going to dig on your dirt because respect 

Is an aspect that I expect. To unzip your pants I don't need 

To ask and you do the same with my bra-strap 

Feeling dizzy my vision is going black 

You're too hot. You give me asthma attack 

Holy fuck! My body hurts! Are you anxious like me? 

Straight to dessert 

If we go too quick we might get burnt 

Playing with fire could get us hurt 

In such hot days there's nothing I'll mind 

Just wanna fool around and enjoy the mirage 

I'm gonna lay down, by your side 

Until my body vaporize... Uh!