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Gideon's Trap Lyrics - Culpeper's Orchard - Culpepers Orchard

And so the coffins all were lowered, And all my friends were dead 

And all there's left is God's forgiveness, That is just what the preacher said 

The sky was turning grey with anger, I walked alone along the way 

God only knew what's on my shoulders, And *you are lost* I heard him say 

But on my way to find an answer, Out from nowhere a demon came 

He was a hunchback, I was frightened, I said: Go back to Notre Dame 

I have some things to say, he answered, I know your troubles yes my son 

You carry heavy loads upon you, I tell you: The fun has just begun 

And so he left me disappointed, A deadly light came out from west 

I heard a sound of distant thunder, I kept thinking: Who knows best 

I know my life, I know my living, My will is given me at birth 

And I can do just what I want to, Then I was swallowed by the earth 

I landed with my feet on fire, I stood before my masters throne 

He filled my mind with soft desire, He taught me: Everyone's alone 

And that is where I end my story, And all there's left for me to say 

Is: See your death is softly coming, And watch the winters fade away