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Teaparty For An Orchard Lyrics - Culpeper's Orchard - Culpepers Orchard

The white knight is creeping through the forest 

Where the eastern king is sitting on his throne 

Moon shining light disturbs the autumn silence 

The Christmas fairy hasn't got a home 

Luck carefully blocks out the castle windows 

While Magus sits and weaves the lonely web 

Two lovers in the maze have lost their reasons 

And Marie Antoinette has lost her head 

Don't look at me, Everything is free 

Set the table quickly, James, We'll be thirteen for tea 

The captain has just lost his only spyglass 

Tony Perkins pushing cars into the moss 

I don't know if there's time, but please believe me 

We've got to get the leader off the cross 

The Tongs are chasing butterflies with razors 

And when they meet the fleet they'll have some fun 

I thought I heard the sound of distant thunder 

Perhaps it's Rodger practising the drums 

Don't follow me, To the angel by the sea 

Set the table quickly, James, We'll be thirteen for tea 

You suddenly came into my mind 

Suddenly was all I could find, Nobody but you 

It isn't just a game 

Picture needs no frame, Don't blame the brain drain 

I'm told that flying saucers have been sighted 

That's the news I've waited just to hear 

It means that all our guests are on their way in 

I'm sure that very soon they will appear 

I think I see them climbing up the hill now 

Their robes are flowing gently in the air 

So Oluf better quit his nails and hide them 

And find the little prince an easy chair 

Don't look at me, Everything is free 

Set the table, James, We'll be thirteen for tea