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About Knives Lyrics - Singles - Far From Alaska

Dismiss the pain you feel or let it wash the past away 

Put salt on your wounds, try yourself, bleed a little more 

Beware of everything, walls are listening to every step 

Try not to think so loud, your mind is haunted by every thought 


Don't turn your back for no one, honey 

You think you know them all, don't ya? 

Don't trust no one, oh honey, honey 

I can see you bleeding from the... 


It takes a long time to pull the knife from your back 

But once you do, you are free 

Watch your moves but let life take you there 


Now it's time to understand that you're all alone 

Say it loud, for you to hear that you're not afraid of the fear 

You must go, you must run, run until they all come undone 

Chase your dreams, chase the sun, these things you couldn't do for anyone 

Now it's time to understand that you're all alone in the world 

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