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Relentless Lyrics - Singles - Far From Alaska

Spent my living 

Feeling blue 

Full of boundaries 

Like I was taught to 

Spent my living 

On my own 

Feeling sorry 

For what I've become 



White blank page 

No aim, no goal 

Walking in a maze 

And I kept going 

Like a fool 

Faking cool lines 

Like I had a clue 


Now I'm walking 

In my own shoes 

Down the path that 

Life's forced me to 

Then I could see 

My future self 

Caring no more 

'Bout this living hell 


Break me, take me 

Relentless game 

Cause I'm not the one I was before 

And now I claim to live and die among the rest 


Break me, take me 

Relentless game 

Off the chains I go release my soul 

And drown myself in tides of what is truly new 


The world's weight on my back 

And I'm not going back home 

In my journey I craft 

The love, the joys of tomorrow 

(I'm not going back home) 

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