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Tin Cans With Strings To You

Artist: Far
Genres: Rock
Total songs: 9
Year: 1996

Cut-out Lyrics - Tin Cans With Strings To You - Far

You're one of a kind, smooth and sublime 

a hella cool dude, a wonderful guy 

So what is it like to be liked, to be right, all of the time? 

And every time I wander by 

the plastic of smiles, the corners of eyes... 

I wanna race them lemmings into the sea 

look up through the water 

touch bottom. 

To my Mother, to my friends, I'm all right. 

Am I all right? 

It's mine, all mine. 

Tu-ra lu-ra 

Cut-out, you're a doll. You're cut out to fit right in. 

And you fit right in. 

Writer: , , ,

Copyright: Universal Music Publishing Group

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