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Emma Lyrics - Singles - Hot Chocolate

We were together since we were five 

She was so pretty 

Emma was a star in ev'ryone's eyes. 

And when she said she'd be a movie queen 

Nobody laughed 

Her face like an angel 

She could be anything. 


Emmalene. Emma 


I'm gonna write your name high on that silver screen. 




I'm gonna make you the biggest star this world has ever set 




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At seventeen we were wed 

And worked day and night to earn our daily bread. 

And ev' ry day 

Emma would go out searching for that play 

That never ever came her way. 


You know 

sometimes she'd come home so depressed 

I'd hear her crying in the back room 


Feel so distressed. 

And I'd remember back 

when she was five 


To the words that used to make 

Emmalene come alive. 


It was Emmalene 






It was cold and dark 

December night 


When I opened the bedroom door 


To find her Iying still and cold up on the bed; 

A love letter Iying on the bedroom floor 


It read: 


Darling, I love youBut I just can't keep on living on dreams no moreI tried so very hard not to leave you alone.I just can't keep on tryin' no more 


Emmalene - Oh Emmalene- Emmalene 


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