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Best Years Of Our Life Lyrics - Metamorphosis - Iron Butterfly

It was the best years of our life 

When we were children remember what it's like 

To bring back memories of the good things we once knew 

To be right, there's so much we got tο do 


Cοme on lift that heavy load of your shoulder 

There's many people like you and me 

That feel like there's a better place to be 


Better leave, it's time to go now 

Better leave, forget you sorrows 

Come along, people get ready for 

Good time, head for tomorrow 

pack up your body 


Here they come 

coming to take a ride 


When we were soft as light 

Those were the best years of our life 

When we laughed as life went by 

Those were the best years of our lives 


Best years, it's time to go now 

Good times, forget your sorrows 

Best years, you better-believe me baby 

Sunshine, aah - ooo 


Best years, come on babe 

Good times, summertime in the midnight morning 

Best years, never like a school child 

Sunshine, yeah 


Best years, aah - ooo, yeah 

Good times, aah - ooo 

Best years, yeah baby 

Sunshine, hahaha 

I feel good babe, I feel good-good-good 

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