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Soldier In Our Town Lyrics - Metamorphosis - Iron Butterfly

There's a soldier here today 

But she don't bear steel in anywhere 

She's like a bow 

Seeking a wooden arrow 

Pointing the way to love 

We all know how we can hate 

Just as strong as we could ever love 

We can love, we can love 

God bless you, God 

For Sending me a woman 

Pointing the way to love 

We gotta love a woman 

There's a statue in the square 

But the things they hadn't 

It ain't fair, it ain't fair, Lord 

The things they hadn't 

Cause beneath the stone 

The greatest Man is all alone 

Without a woman to love 

Without a woman to shove 

Without a woman to point the way to love 

We gotta love a woman 

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